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Additional 2018 Contest Success with Judging Team!

January 17, 2019

Judging Team – Other Contest Success

Arabian Nationals Tulsa, Oklahoma

Individual Halter:

Claire Deplazes - 2nd

Claire Edwards - 4th

Morgan Strickler - 9th

2nd place Team Halter


Individual Performance:

Claire D - 2nd

Laurel Pollock - 5th

Claire E - 7th

2nd place Team Performance


Individual Reasons:

Morgan - 4th

Laurel - 7th

3rd place Team Reasons


Individual Overall:

2nd - Claire D

3rd - Claire E

6th - Morgan



All American Quarter Horse Congress Columbus, OH

3 man team Team Awards (Caroline, Katie and Emily)

6th Halter 6th Performance

6th Reasons

5th Overall!

Individual Caroline - 6th

Halter Emily - 9th Performance

National Champions Again!!

December 04, 2018

For the second time in a row the Virginia 4-H Horse Judging Team won the 2018 Eastern National 4-H Roundup Championship AND our Hippology team was named the RESERVE CHAMPIONS!  Eastern Nationals was held November 2-4, 2018 in Louisville, KY at the Kentucky Exposition Center during the North American International Livestock Exposition.  Full results are as follows:


Horse Judging:

Team: Caroline Perkins, Katie Define, Nikki Novak, Emily Dougherty


Nikki Novak – 1st Individual

Emily Dougherty – 6th Individual

Virginia – 1st Team!



Emily Dougherty – 3rd Individual

Nikki  - 4th Individual

Katie Define – 6th Individual

Caroline Perkins – 9th Individual

Virginia – 1st Team!



Nikki Novak  - 1st Individual

Caroline Perkins – 3rd Individual

Emily Dougherty -  7th Individual

Katie Define – 9th Individual

Virginia – 1st Team!



Nikki Novak – 1st Individual

Emily Dougherty – 2nd Individual

Katie Define – 5th Individual


Virginia – 1st place OVERALL!



Team: Charlotte Manvell, Emily Wright, Ruth Martin, Laurel Pollock


Written Phase:

Charlotte Manvell, 2nd Individual

Virginia – 2nd Team


Judging Phase:

Ruth Martin – 5th Individual

Virginia – 4th Team



Charlotte Manvell – 3rd Individual

Virginia – 2nd Team


Team Problem:

Virginia – 1st Team!!


Individual Overall:

Charlotte Manvell – 2nd Overall!!


Team Overall:

Virginia  - 2nd Overall!!



Individual Presentation:

Sydney Hudson – 4th!


We also want to say congrats to our Horse Bowl Team, Claire Edwards, Kate Hudson, Meghan Peterson, Sarah Foster, and our public speaking competitor, Taryn Cowles for making it to Nationals!! A feat in itself!!! There were TWENTY SIX states competing! In addition, we were honored to have our very own 4-Her, Charlotte Manvell (Orange County) speak as the Guest Youth, to a congregation of approximately 750, about her 4-H testimonial at the Awards Breakfast Ceremony.


You can check out full results and win photos here:


We want to wrap this year up by saying THANK YOU so much for your personal financial support of the 4-H Horse Program Educational teams!! Further donations can be made online at our Virginia Tech Foundation online giving website page: To be sure your donation goes to the Horse Program please follow the instructions on that page and specify designation for "VA 4-H Horse Program".  Donation checks can also be made payable to VTF-Horse and marked as "donation" in the memo line, and mailed directly to:


Leona Ransdell

Equine Extension Program Associate - Youth

388 Litton Reaves

Virginia Tech

Blacksburg, VA  24061


If you are interested in being a Business Sponsor of the educational teams please contact Sandy Arnold at  or Leona Ransdell at


Happy Holidays to all, have a wonderful Merry Christmas and a very bright and Happy New Year!

~ Sandy and Leona, 4-H Horse Program Associates

3rd overall at Quarter Horse Congress - WE THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!

October 29, 2018

We wanted to share with you our recent win at the All American Quarter Horse Congress Hippology Contest in Columbus, Ohio! Out of 17 teams competing from all over the nation (combining breed associations, FFA teams and other 4-H teams), Virginia won 3rd overall with the team of Laurel, Hannah, Ruth and Bella! We thank you for your financial support which enabled us to study, travel, and compete! What great memories the girls made! In addition the team placed 4th in exams, 4th in stations, and I'm very proud to say that they won 1st in the two combined (impromptu and prepared) difficult team problems! Hannah won 9th in Exam and Ruth won 7th in stations, 6th in judging, and 8th overall!! 


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4-H Southern Regionals Results for Educational Contests!

August 10, 2018

Our State 4-H Educational Teams had great success at Southern Regionals last week! The Hippology Teams place 3rd and 6th Overall competing against 16 teams and Horse Bowl place 8th Overall out of 18 teams!  The two Horse Judging Teams won 2nd and 4th Overall against 16 teams. And our Communications contestants did fabulous with two 1st places, a 2nd, 5th and 10th!! See below for the placing details! If you know any of these kids, please congratulate them or you can also do so on our Facebook page!

We thank you again for your most wonderful support!  Some of these teams will move on to the next next contest level, starting with a competition at the All American Quarter Horse Congress (Oct. 16-18) and finishing off at the Eastern National 4-H Roundup, Nov. 2-4!  We will keep you posted!  

Team Presentations: Charlotte Manvell and Cora Hoemann – 1st

Public Speaking: Katie Define – 2nd and Taryn Cowles – 5th

Individual Presentations: Sydney Hudson – 1st and Hannah Beaver – 10th

Hippology Individual Exam: Charlotte Manvell – 2nd. Individual Stations: Charlotte Manvell – 2nd and Hannah Beaver – 6th. Individual Judging: Emily Wright – 1st, Hannah Beaver – 2nd, Ruth Martin – 4th, Sydney Carver – 5th. Individual Overall: Charlotte Manvell – 2nd and Hannah Beaver 4th. Team Exam: VA A – 4th  (Charlotte Manvell, Cora Hoemann, Emily Wright, Sydney Carver). Team Stations: VA B – 3rd (Laurel Pollock, Hannah Beaver, Sarah Foster, Ruth Martin). Team Judging: VA B – 1st  and VA A – 3rd.  Team Problem: VA B – 2nd  Team Overall: VA B – 3rd  and VA A – 6th 

Horse Bowl VA A – 8th with members Nikki Novak, Claire Edwards, Kate Hudson, and Caroline Perkins. Nikki placed 8th Individual Overall

Horse Judging: Individual Halter: Claire Deplazes – 1st, Laurel Pollock – 7th, Nikki Novak – 8th. Individual Performance: Caroline Perkins – 1st, Claire Edwards – 3rd,Nikki Novak – 8th, Emily Dougherty – 9th. Individual Reasons: Caroline Perkins – 1st, Emily Dougherty – 2nd, Nikki Novak – 4th. Indivdual Overall: Caroline Perkins – 2nd, Nikki Novak – 7th, Claire Deplazes – 8th, Laurel Pollock – 10th. Team Halter: VA B – 3rd and VA A – 5th. Team Performance: VA A – 2nd and VA B – 3rd. Team Reasons: VA A – 1st and VA B – 6th. Team Overall: VA A (Nikki Novak, Caroline Perkins, Katie Define, Emily Dougherty) – 2nd and VA B (Laurel Pollack, Claire Deplazes, Claire Edwards, Morgan Strickler) - 4th.


If you are interested in being a Business Sponsor of the educational teams please contact Sandy Arnold at

4-H Horse Program Retreat Recap- See Photos

July 25, 2018

Ten Southern Regional team members enjoyed a fun-filled weekend learning about various equine professions in the Charlottesville area. They experienced the "Learn by Doing" method to absorb and retain detailed information. What better way to prepare for the upcoming contest! We are so grateful for your donation to help make this weekend a reality!  Please wish them the best at Southern Regionals in Perry, GA on Aug. 1st-2nd!

See our Facebook page for more photos!


Your Donation Allows Us to Do THIS!! Thank you!!

July 13, 2018

Thanks to your generous donations we are able to provide a study retreat weekend for the Virginia 4-H Educational Teams in preparation for the upcoming Southern Regional contest at the start of August!  Coming up on July 20th they will be walking with the hounds at Farmington Hunt to learn about Foxhunting, followed by a tour at Blue Ridge Equine Clinic, and then visiting with Olympian, Tad Coffin, and touring his saddle shop! The teams will then relax at a nearby camp, enjoy some dinner and social time and then do an evening study session. The next day, Crossroads Farrier Supply will come and talk to them about farrier tools, equipment and shoes and then they head out to see race horses at Braeburn Training Center.  In the afternoon they will get to experience riding Polo ponies at UVA Polo and finish with a stop at Dover Saddlery for a scavenger hunt and of course some shopping! Its going to be a great weekend for them to experience the equine industry in the Charlottesville area, prep for the regional contest, and all by way of  "Learning by Doing" - the 4-H WAY!



Please keep us in your thoughts as we travel and thank you for your support! We will keep you posted with pictures! Check out our Facebook page too:

A Walk Down Memory Lane by a Donor, Katrina Stumpf

June 08, 2018

As we are preparing for Southern Regionals and Eastern Nationals this summer, we wanted to share with you a trip down memory lane from one of our donors.   


“It wasn’t just a part of my childhood but my entire childhood.” ~ Katrina Stumpf  


Katrina Stumpf, née Williams, was involved in 4-H from the ages of 9-18. She judged with the Franklin county horse judging team that entire time and made the state horse judging team in 1991, 1992 and 1993. In the 1993 state contest, she placed First Overall Individual and was on the high overall team. Katrina enjoyed the opportunity of traveling with the state team all three years and was a member of the winning team at Arabian Nationals, Southern Regionals and Quarter Horse Worlds in Texas. She also won High Individual at the Tennessee Walking Horse Celebration in Tennessee and was awarded many other accolades. Some of the greatest rewards from Katrina’s time on the state team were the scholarships that she won, which helped pay for her first year of college.   


In addition to horse judging, Katrina participated in 4-H shows for many years, winning the Country Pleasure championship class three years in a row with her Tennessee walking horse at the State 4-H horse show. She was also President of her local 4-H horse club for many years.   


Participating in 4-H helped Katrina learn many skills through these experiences, which led her to becoming a supervisor of a research program with a Masters degree in Microbiology. From public speaking to the joy of volunteering to an eye for detail, she claims to have developed them all from her time judging and showing horses. 


Stay tuned for further news on the State Educational Study Retreat that your gracious donations will be supporting! 


May 03, 2018

Thank you so much for your personal financial support of the 4-H Horse Program Educational teams!! We are happy to report that we raised $3,680 for the teams!! Your support means so much to us!  Check back here to see reports on how the teams prepare and compete for the remainder of the year! 


Further donations can be made online at our Virginia Tech Foundation online giving website page: To be sure your donation goes to the Horse Program please follow the instructions on that page and specify designation for "VA 4-H Horse Program".


Donation checks can also be made payable to VTF-Horse and marked as "donation" in the memo line, and mailed directly to:


Leona Ransdell

Equine Extension Program Associate - Youth

388 Litton Reaves

Virginia Tech

Blacksburg, VA  24061


If you are interested in being a Business Sponsor of the educational teams please contact Sandy Arnold at

For the Love of Horses - Final Days to Give a Gift!

April 30, 2018

With only 2 days left on our campaign to raise funds for the State Educational Teams we thought we would share with you these amazing testimonials, showing how the love of horses and 4-H connects us all. We hope your love for the 4-H program will cause you to contribute a gift of any amount to support the purpose of funding the State Educational teams, giving 4-Hers the opportunities to travel, learn and network with horsemen across the state and nationally. 


Make your gift today! Don't delay!



"It brings kids and horses together! And what could be better than that?" ~ Bonnie Tillotson, Extension agent, Appomattox Co.  


"We love Virginia 4-H because of the wonderful people who give so much time and energy to 'Make the Best Better.' There is so much opportunity for young horse lovers in Virginia!" ~ Jaime Martin, parent of 4-Her, Montgomery Co.  


"I love the Virginia 4-h Horse Program because you learn SO many new things, all while making new friends and special memories!" ~ Erin Elder, 4-H member, Appomattox Co.  


"I love the Virginia 4-H Horse program because of the opportunities it gives to all horse kids. There are things for all horse crazy kids, whether they have a horse or not. They can compete in horseless activities such as hippology, horse bowl, horse judging and presentations. With each of these they get opportunities to advance to regional and national competitions. For horse owning 4hers they have the state horse show which offers all disciplines, the State Fair which has ranch classes and the Mary Cole trail ride which is just for 4H kids. Southern Regionals for all disciplines as well. They also get the opportunity to be ambassadors and travel the state spreading the word about 4-H and horses. Friendships... What better way to acquire friends but horses. Far and near they will always be close. It may be months before they see each other, but they pick up where they last saw each other." ~ Faye Strickler, parent of 4-Her, Frederick Co.



"It brings so many people together all with the shared love of horses." ~ Nikki Novak, 4-H member, Caroline Co.



"4-H directly impacted my decision to seek a career as a veterinarian, giving me the outlet to explore this profession which was not taught in the school system. I gained great friends in the 4-H program and was able to dive into my studies and love for horses at a very young age!" ~ Dr. Melinda Freckleton, DVM, past President of Virginia Association of Equine Practitioners and contributor to Equus Magazine


MANY, MANY THANKS to those that have given gifts! We are very grateful for your generosity!

Giving a Gift Opens Doors for 4-Hers!

April 16, 2018

Last year, I completed my second year on the State 4-H Horse Judging Team and was selected to compete at Eastern Nationals.  Being on the team, and 4-H in general, has given me so many amazing opportunities!  I was able to greatly increase my horse knowledge, become much more comfortable with public speaking, travel all across the country, make some amazing new friends, and compete at national level competitions against the very best in the sport.  I was blessed enough to qualify for the State 4-H Hippology Team this year and cannot wait to compete at Southern Regionals, and hopefully Eastern Nationals, again! 


Please, please, please make a donation and support this wonderful program!!!  It is an incredible experience that we are very blessed to have!!  Please support our fundraising campaign today!!!


~ Ruth Martin, Montgomery County


4-H Grows Character in the Horse Project!

April 12, 2018

"4-H has been one of the best things that has happened to me.  It constantly is making me a better person inside and out.  I couldn't be more grateful for all the amazing people in my club.  All the amazing memories we have made will never be forgotten and I can't wait to see what the 2017-2018 year has to offer!" ~ 4-H Horse Project Member in Hanover County.




Thank you to everyone who has given gifts! Supporting our program makes a direct impact on our youth!  - Celeste, Sandy and Leona

Sponsoring the Program Makes a Difference!

April 10, 2018

4-H educational horse contests have impacted my life in a great way. Competing from the club through the national level over the span of 6 years, I have gained so many valuable life skills such as teamwork, critical thinking, and public speaking that will benefit me throughout the rest of my life. I have also made many life-long friends and established connections with professionals in the industry, which are opportunities I may not have had without 4-H. These contests have provided me with a broad base of knowledge and helped prepare me to be a positive contributor to the horse industry, for which I will be forever grateful! Go 4-H! -Nikki Novak, 4-H Horse Knowledge Competitor and member of the 2016 and 2018 Virginia 4-H Horse Judging Team


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