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Help Save the Bees with Bee Campus USA and the Honors College

Across the globe, research shows significant declines of native pollinators — like bees. In fact, up to 40% of pollinator species may be at risk of extinction in the coming years as a result of habitat loss, pesticide use, and climate change.

Virginia Tech recently earned a Bee Campus USA certification for the commitment to sustain native insect pollinators, which contributes to the university’s Climate Action Commitment to create a green and sustainable campus. Through this certification, VT commits to increasing native plant habitat, providing pollinator nesting sites, reducing pesticide use, and developing outreach and education opportunities for the community. 

By planting more bee-friendly gardens across campus, we can help save our fuzzy little friends. Why? Bees are one of our most precious pollinators, responsible for one-third of the food we eat. Their hard work is also essential to healthy ecosystems for sustaining animal and human life. Sadly, up to 40% of pollinators may be at risk for extinction in a few years.

To help meet the university’s goal of preserving insect pollinators, the Virginia Tech Honors College has teamed up with the 
Bee Campus USA program within the Office of Sustainability at Tech to raise money for creating more pollinator-friendly habitats at Virginia Tech. 

Sustainability Coordinator Emily Vollmer from the Office of Sustainability helps with planting a lavender garden at Hillcrest Hall. 

These efforts began all thanks to Honors student Susan Sale who served as last year’s sustainability officer for Hillcrest Hall Council. When she heard that the Office of Sustainability at VT was looking to be a part of Bee Campus USA, she pitched the idea of planting a pollinator garden at Hillcrest Hall to the chair of the Bee Campus Committee. 

By working with other Honors students and students involved in the VT Bee Campus Committee, Honors faculty, and the Office of Sustainability, Sale’s project was successful! Now, Hillcrest Hall has a growing lavender pollinator-friendly garden. With your help, we can expand pollinator-friendly gardens across VT! 

Choose a giving level


Plant a flower on campus

Help us continue to grow our efforts by making the planting of a pollinator-friendly flower on campus possible!


Provide wildflower seed mix

This gift can help us ensure we have the needed resources to plant wildflowers all over campus.


Gift a bag of mulch

Mulch is often called a gardener's "best friend" — and for good reason! In spring, mulch locks in moisture, suppresses weeds, and feeds the soil. In winter, mulch protects bare soil, prevents erosion, and protects plants.


Gift a bee nesting box

Bee nesting boxes provide homes for bees to raise their young in. Like a beehive, bee nesting boxes help bees produce honey and pollinate nearby crops, supply housing for bees, and mitigate the effects of colony collapse disorder.


Educational signage

Help us spread the word across campus about the Bee Campus USA program within the Office of Sustainability at Virginia Tech! By spreading the word, we can get more Hokies involved in the program.


Help fund new research

Fund pollinator-related research at Virginia Tech by providing resources and tools to our researchers! Some research programs might include assessing our current pollinator levels, best management practices research, and bee behavior research.


Create new pollinator habitats

Fund the creation of new pollinator habitats on campus by covering the costs of converting grassy landscapes to vibrant and diverse pollinator-friendly habitats!

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