Men's Rugby Club

Rugby Club (Men) has been in existence since 1968 and sponsors both a 7's and a 15's squad.  The club competes regionally and nationally fall and spring semesters as a member of the Chesapeake Collegiate Rugby Conference.

Men's Rugby Club

Virginia Tech Men’s Club Rugby was founded in 1968, although the sport of rugby was first played on the VT campus in 1891, and was one of the original organized sports played at Tech.  Rugby has the speed of basketball, the contact of football and the strategy of chess! The club’s 70+ dedicated members welcomes both experienced rugby players as well as students who have never played rugby but want to learn the sport (the team has both a varsity and junior varsity team), as well as students who want to improve as both an athlete and as a person.  The club sponsors both a 7’s and a 15’s squad, and both compete regionally and nationally against other collegiate clubs throughout the mid-atlantic and northeast.. The club is a member of the Chesapeake Collegiate Rugby Conference and competes both fall and spring semesters.

Gifts to VT Men’s Club Rugby will help pay for conference registration fees and travel expenses, which can cost more than $1,500.00/trip.

In addition to making a financial donation directly to VT Men's Club Rugby, another significant way to support the club is to donate to the Sport Club Fields Turf Conversion Project.  The goal of this vital Recreational Sports initiative is to convert two of the four sport club bermuda grass fields to a multi-sport, multi-purpose artificial turf facility that can accommodate the Baseball, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Rugby, Soccer, Cricket and Softball clubs.  The turf conversion will enable all outdoor clubs to practice and host games and tournaments even in wet weather, a frequent occurrence in Blacksburg.  Our team and Recreational Sports value this project and are working to make it a reality, and gifts from generous Hokies like you will help make this happen.  If you would like to donate to the Turf Conversion Project, please donate to the "Sport Club Initiatives" account that has been established for this purpose.

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