COVID-19 Rapid Response Seed Fund

Your gift fuels Hokie research in the fight against COVID-19. Thank you!

About the fund

Virginia Tech researchers are driven to develop innovative solutions to the world's most complex problems. Today, no situation demands more attention than the ongoing spread of COVID-19, and our faculty and students are working to better understand and combat the pandemic.

Hokie research has already led to new COVID-19 tests and federal and state approval to process samples on campus, and environmental engineering professor Linsey Marr (above) is working to better understand how effective various mask materials are at filtering out particles. As the pandemic continues to disrupt communities around the world, the need for research in a wide variety of fields to address the public health, economic, and social impacts of COVID-19 could not be greater.

The Virginia Tech COVID-19 Rapid Response Seed Fund will provide initial funding to faculty, staff, and students utilizing their expertise to investigate problems related to the pandemic. Today’s discoveries could become tomorrow’s solutions to this ongoing crisis. If you are able to make a gift today, you’ll be helping Hokie researchers advance the fight against COVID-19.

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